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As a full-service public relations and marketing agency, PRStreet will create, and implement, a well-rounded communications plan that incorporates multiple elements to put your business in the fast lane. We like to combine traditional strategies with "out of the box" ideas to give your company the Affirmative Traction it needs. Some of our services include…

Press Releases
PRStreet can craft a well-written press release that communicates your message clearly. We don't stand for misspellings or typos. With every press release we include a healthy dose of media relations. We don't just write it, send it out, and hope someone picks it up. We contact the reporters, and pitch the story to help them understand why they need to write about you.
Corporate Positioning
How do you compare with your competitors within your market? PRStreet will research and identify the perception of your company relative to your competitors. From there we'll determine how to improve your positioning. Maybe you have several different specialties, or need to go after another market. PRStreet will work with you to identify the one that is most lucrative, financially and editorially.
Media Relations
Whether it's a new announcement, or a feature/trend article, PRStreet knows how to effectively work with the media. With extensive local and national contacts, PRStreet makes targeted pitches to attract editorial coverage. PRStreet will introduce you and your business to key members of the media and nurture the relationship. Remember, they have to know about you before they can write about you.
Analyst Relations
PRStreet will research the key analysts who cover your market; schedule analyst tours; and maintain relations.
Speaker Opportunities
PRStreet will evaluate your team's areas of expertise and secure speaking engagements at high visibility events.
PRStreet will research the shows your company should attend, make recommendations, and facilitate participation.
Sponsorship Management
PRStreet can make the most of your sponsorships, whether it's an industry trade show or local athletic event. In addition, PRStreet will research key sponsorship opportunities and make recommendations.
Strategic Counseling
Each business decision can impact the public relations plan, positively or negatively. PRStreet is at your service to assist you with the pros and cons, and make recommendations to further develop the targeted corporate image.
Key Message Development
A consistent and clear message is key to developing your brand. PRStreet will develop appropriate, focused messaging that defines your company.
Press Kit
A professional, informative press kit makes life a lot easier for members of the media. They like to have information at their finger-tips. PRStreet will create and assemble a press kit that includes all of the information a reporter would need to write about you accurately.
PRStreet will develop creative strategies to promote your company that support the communications plan we've developed for you.
Marketing/Press Material Development
PRStreet will recommend, write, and facilitate creation of collateral that you can use to promote your business.
Event Planning
Professional seminar? Launch party? Grand opening? PRStreet will produce a successful, turn-key event.
Expert Sources
You've hired your executive team for a reason: They know their stuff. Let them share their knowledge with audiences that could include new customers, partners, investors and employees. Whether it's your HR manager or Chief Technology Officer, PRStreet can position your executive team as thought-leaders for editorial coverage and speaking opportunities.
You know your business plan inside out, but you don't know how to contact the investors. PRStreet can research, identify and initiate contact with appropriate investors.
Media Training
You never know when a reporter will call so you need to be ready. PRStreet will make sure your executives are prepared with interesting responses and current messages that will guide journalists to write articles that benefit your company. We can also develop a corporate communications policy that includes duties for a designated spokesperson.
Branded Characters
Need a little character? PRStreet works with skilled artists and costume designers to create attractive characters that can add an element of fun to building your brand.

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